RCS Career Guidance Literature

This page provides all the RCS guidance for surgical career that you would normally receive in paper form at any RCS event.

Core Surgical Training Entry Requirement

2019 Core Surgical Training Programme Entry Requirement

Project Cutting Edge

A great website where you can find resources e.g. blog, video, books that guide you to explore surgical career and build up a surgical portfolio from pre-clinical stage in medical school all the way to core surgical training.

This youtube channel has lots of short but high quality surgical and medical videos from how to do an interrupted suture to introductory of various surgical specialties to GP training etc...Really widens your knowledge of medicine.


Surgwiki is collaboratively building the most comprehensive and trusted free surgical encyclopaedia. With over 32,000 articles for surgeons and patients, including news, articles, operation scripts, biographies and images.



Cadaver Dissection

Here's some excellent dissection videos to check out...

Suture Doctor

Suture Doctor provide wide range of great quality surgical training instruments. They also kindly sponsor our national surgical conference every year. 


Latest technological advances in medicine and surgery


Great resource for keeping up to date with surgical career training.


Watch operations live online!

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