Project Cutting Edge (PCE) helps aspiring surgeons build happy and successful careers in a sustainable manner. In a professional climate of burnout and disillussionment, cultivating sustainable achievement and growth is needed now more than ever. By challenging trainees to frame their careers in the context of continuous learning, growth and service to others, we can empower our future workforce to reach their potential. This will foster the best long-term outcomes for both surgeons and their patients.


What does PCE do?

PCE provides educational resources about the principles of continuous improvement and service to others, combined with pragmatic advice on maximising the surgical portfolio for career progression.

PCE topics are organised as follows:

1. Defining your goals. What are you aiming for? What kind of career do you want?

2. Strategising success. How do you plan to get there? How to build your portfolio? What principles?

3. Taking Action. Discipline, motivation and getting things done.

4. Holistic training. Developing broad sustainability and marginal gains.

5. Resources and Tools. Our resources collated by type: Videosblogbookspodcasts.



Chie Katsura

President of York Surgical Society 2018-19

Year 4 Medical student

E: hyck5@hyms.ac.uk

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