Careers skills workshops will be held between 2-2.30pm on the day. Delegates will get to chose their workshops in order of preference at the time of booking; the sooner you book the more likely you are to get the workshop of your choice.

Careers Skills Workshops

Research poster presentation skills

Research is an important part of the development of medicine. Additionally there are sections within the foundation training applications and interviewers also look within your portfolio for any research you have done. Research posters are often prepared as a means to easily present your work to others. At nearly all medical and surgical conferences there are poster presentation competitions that allow you to present this work as well as gain points for your application and items to put within your portfolio. This workshop is design to give you an introduction as to how to go about preparing a research poster as well as how to present one.

How to get into surgery

This workshop is designed to allow you to ask surgeons and surgical trainees questions about how to go about applying for a career in surgery as well as how to enhance your C.V. and portfolio for the application. You will also have the chance to ask questions about what life is like as a surgeon giving you the chance to see if a career in surgery is really for you.

Women in surgery

Our Women In Surgery workshop will be lead by Professor Averil Mansfield, the first female Professor of Surgery. This workshop will give you a chance to ask questions about what it is like for women in surgery, how this has and is changing as well as gain tips and advice if you are considering a career in surgery and might be put off by any percieved women in surgery problems.

Portfolio skills

In this session surgical trainees will take you through the steps necessary to create and present your portfolio for surgical interviews. You will also get the chance to have a look through their portfolios and ask them questions about there content, design and how they got on at their interviews. For those of you who are still bewildered by a portfolio, it is a collation of all of the work, reflection and relevant things you have done at medical school which you need to present at your interviews for surgical training. For some it may be a long way off but it's best to know early what needs to be included in it so you can maximising your chances of being successful at interview.

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